News POTY 2012

Posted by tr1p1ea on Monday, 10th December 2012 has launched the POTY voting for 2012.

First up is the TI-83+/84+ category and the nominees are:

Absolute Insanity (News article)
Absolute Madness (News article)
Alien Breed 5 (News article)
An Exercise in Futility (News article)
ASMDREAM (News article)
Bomberkids (News article)
Chess (News article)
Fruit Ninja (News article)
Gravity Walls (News article)
Jetpack 8x(+) (News article)
My First Quantum Translocator (News article)
solidFRAME (News article)
Space Station Pheta (News article)
Swords 2 (News article)
Zombie Gun (News article)

Very good to see so many worthy entries this year. (MC even has one which is always good :)).

So head over to and start voting!