solidFRAME - a 3D engine for the TI-83+(SE)

Posted by tr1p1ea on Thursday, 29th November 2012

Hi guys,

Just thought id let you know that i have uploaded a project to today. It is a 3D engine for the TI-83+ series calculators.

The program is a 3D model viewer that enables the user to view and
interact with a 3D model in real-time. Note that it renders
flat pattern-shaded polygons. Also included is a utility to convert
Wavefront OBJ models to .8xp programs for use with this

It is written in z80 assembly and a 15MHz calculator is recommended.

It is in beta testing so there could be problems. Please report any bugs
if you find any.

Here is a link:

Also here are some screenies.

scr_0.gif scr_1.gif
scr_2.gif scr_3.gif

Id appreciate feedback if anyone has some.