TV Demonstrator

Posted by benryves on Sunday, 27th February 2011

The TV demonstrator is an easy-to-build electronic device that allows you to take a screenshot of your calculator display and show it on an NTSC or PAL television set. It's based around an inexpensive ATmega168 microcontroller and only requires a handful of additional components.

Unlike the TI-Presenterâ„¢ this does not require a special calculator or a USB adaptor; it uses the 2.5mm link port. The chief disadvantage of this method is that it does not automatically mirror what is shown on the calculator's display on the television; you need to press a button to manually capture the calculator's display.

The TV Demonstrator will only work in situations where the calculator allows you to capture a screenshot via the link port. It will therefore work in most places within the calculator's operating system, but will not work when the calculator is busy or otherwise not responding to screenshot requests. If in doubt, try using the screenshot function within your calculator linking software of choice to determine when it will work and when it won't.

For more information as well as downloads, please see the dedicated TV Demonstrator page.