BBC BASIC Beta Testing - 2009/03/06 r720

Posted by benryves on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

After several months of work I'm happy to announce the first beta of BBC BASIC (Z80) for the TI-83+/TI-84+.

The host interface code is a fairly complex beast and I am sure that there are conditions where it does not act as it is supposed to, so I would greatly appreciate your help in finding any bugs, quirks, oddities or missing features.

Full documentation is included as is a (Windows-only) .NET 2.0 utility to edit BBC BASIC program files and a (Mono-compatible) utility to convert text files to BBC BASIC programs and vice-versa.

Have fun, and I welcome your suggestions and bug reports in this thread.

If you are having difficulty reading the help please see this post or browse the documentation online.