Conway's Game of Life!

Posted by tr1p1ea on Saturday, 10th March 2007

Conway's Game of Life!




This program will simulate the famed cellular automaton devised by the British

mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970, "The Game of Life".

Conway's "Game of Life" is the best known example of a cellular automaton.

This is a 'zero-player' game, the way in which it evolves is determined by its

initial state (in our case, a PIC). You simply create an initial PIC and then

observe how it evolves.

Basically what it does is take every pixel on the screen and applys some rules:

1: Any live cell with < 2 neighbours dies of loneliness

2: Any live cell with > 3 neighbours dies of overcrowding

3: Any dead cell with exactly 3 neighbours is bought to life

4: Any live cell with 2 or 3 neighours remains unchanged

Note: births and deaths can occur during 1 generation

More info can be found at:



*NEW* Algorithm - Fast!

Estimate ~10fps on 83(+), ~25fps on SE

Speed control (4 speeds: Min, 25%, 75%, Max)

Infinite yet enclosed universe via screen wrapping (can toggle on/off)

Uses TIOS PIC variables

PIC variables can be in RAM or ARCHIVE