MCF Awards 2006

Posted by kv83 on Monday, 18th December 2006

It's almost end of the year again. Just like last year we want you guys to vote on different subjects and we will give everyone some nice awards. We have a few categories to vote. Winner wil get a unique "title" under their name for a whole year, a nice medal and some MC's :).

How can you vote? Post the category + 3 persons you want to vote on. The 1st will get 3 points, the 2nd 2 points, the 3rd 1 point. If people end up with the same ammount of points, the staff will decide a winner.

Here are the catogories:

Best Poster of 2006

Best Thread of 2006

Best Mod of 2006

Most funny Poster of 2006

Most serious Poster of 2006

Best Project of 2006

Best poster in Programming Help 2006 (NEW!)

Special Award: MCF Legend Award

Note that CoBB can't win this award again. It's a one-time only award :) (in other words; once you get it, you are a legend forever :P)

You may only post/vote once in this thread. Second posts as discussion WILL be deleted. If you want to discuss, please open a new topic. Votings can be done until 30-12-2006[/color]

Thanks for voting and Have fun!