Posted by kv83 on Monday, 27th November 2006

You can now get the latest news from MaxCoderz with your favorite rss-reader.

Use this link: . :)


We have a frontpage!

Posted by kv83 on Tuesday, 21st November 2006

Yes indeed. We're back in business with a complete new frontpage. We decided that the mambo system was nice, but the frontpage was not updated often enough. Also we had a server-crash last month, and were to lazy to "recreate" our account :P.

The new frontpage is at the moment rather empty, with only news. In the future it will also give every project a own "place" and there will be staff pages too. (yay! _O_ )

To make it short, you can find the new frontpage at:

Of course we will redirect the short version as fast as possible. You should be able to use
tomorrow. :)


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