SonyIR and Infrared - remote control libraries

Posted by benryves on Monday, 30th April 2007


I don't know how much current the link port can safely source, so using it to sink current when driving the IR LED might not be exactly safe. It works fine for me but my 5V source is from a regulated 9V PP3, which delivers a very low maximum current anyway.

It might be a good idea to build a small transistor power amplifier so that you only sink a very small current through the link port.

SonyIR is a library that can be used to send and receive commands using the Sony infrared controller (SIRCS) protocol.

Libraries are rather dull on their own, so I've also thrown together a program (likewise called SonyIR) that can be used to turn your calculator into a programmable remote control.

You can download the latest version or download a video (controlling a Sony TV - 960KB WMV).

  • Send and receive data using the SIRCS protocol to control Sony devices via infrared.

  • Support for 12-, 15- and 20-bit command words.

  • Sending
  • Minimal hardware required (cheap single IR LED and optional resistor, depending on circuit) thanks to software modulation.

  • Easily send single commands or repeated commands spaced at 45mS.

  • Receiving
  • Simple hardware thanks to cheap single-package IR module.

  • Routine returns button code, device ID and number of bits (or an error condition).

  • Usual disclaimers apply; this is a first version so I'd like to hear if you encounter any bugs.


    Conway's Game of Life!

    Posted by tr1p1ea on Saturday, 10th March 2007

    Conway's Game of Life!




    This program will simulate the famed cellular automaton devised by the British

    mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970, "The Game of Life".

    Conway's "Game of Life" is the best known example of a cellular automaton.

    This is a 'zero-player' game, the way in which it evolves is determined by its

    initial state (in our case, a PIC). You simply create an initial PIC and then

    observe how it evolves.

    Basically what it does is take every pixel on the screen and applys some rules:

    1: Any live cell with < 2 neighbours dies of loneliness

    2: Any live cell with > 3 neighbours dies of overcrowding

    3: Any dead cell with exactly 3 neighbours is bought to life

    4: Any live cell with 2 or 3 neighours remains unchanged

    Note: births and deaths can occur during 1 generation

    More info can be found at:



    *NEW* Algorithm - Fast!

    Estimate ~10fps on 83(+), ~25fps on SE

    Speed control (4 speeds: Min, 25%, 75%, Max)

    Infinite yet enclosed universe via screen wrapping (can toggle on/off)

    Uses TIOS PIC variables

    PIC variables can be in RAM or ARCHIVE






    Happy new year + Winners of MCF-awards

    Posted by kv83 on Sunday, 31st December 2006

    I guess in some timezones it's already 2007 :) We here in europe still have about 6 hours to go, but for all others; Happy new year!

    Also we would like to announce of our annual MCF awards :)

    Best Poster 2006
  • benryves

    Runner-up: CoBB

    Last year: tr1p1ea

  • Best Thread 2006
  • [TI ASM] Useful routines

    Runner-up: Latenite update

    Last year: PindurTI

  • Best Mod 2006
  • kv83

    Runner-up: benryves, tr1p1ea

    Last year: kv83

  • Most funny poster 2006
  • Digitan

    Runner-up: Arcane Wizard

    Last year: CoBB

  • Most serious poster 2006
  • CoBB

    Runner-up: coelurus

    Last year: CoBB

  • Best Project 2006
  • Brass

    Runner-up: qarnos 3D engine, PindurTI

    Last year: Zelda

  • Best poster in programming help
  • benryves

    Runner-up: CoBB

    Last year: -

  • Special Award: MCF Legend
  • benryves

    Runner-up: tr1p1ea

    Last year: CoBB

  • Congrats to all winners :D Let's make this even a better year!


    Merry Christmas!

    Posted by tr1p1ea on Sunday, 24th December 2006

    Hey guys, just wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope that everyone enjoys the food, drinks and presents ... but most importantly i hope that everyone enjoys themselves :).


    MCF Awards 2006

    Posted by kv83 on Monday, 18th December 2006

    It's almost end of the year again. Just like last year we want you guys to vote on different subjects and we will give everyone some nice awards. We have a few categories to vote. Winner wil get a unique "title" under their name for a whole year, a nice medal and some MC's :).

    How can you vote? Post the category + 3 persons you want to vote on. The 1st will get 3 points, the 2nd 2 points, the 3rd 1 point. If people end up with the same ammount of points, the staff will decide a winner.

    Here are the catogories:

    Best Poster of 2006

    Best Thread of 2006

    Best Mod of 2006

    Most funny Poster of 2006

    Most serious Poster of 2006

    Best Project of 2006

    Best poster in Programming Help 2006 (NEW!)

    Special Award: MCF Legend Award

    Note that CoBB can't win this award again. It's a one-time only award :) (in other words; once you get it, you are a legend forever :P)

    You may only post/vote once in this thread. Second posts as discussion WILL be deleted. If you want to discuss, please open a new topic. Votings can be done until 30-12-2006[/color]

    Thanks for voting and Have fun!


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