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[Staff] TIWiFiModem: Take your TI-83 Plus online

Posted: Sun 26 Mar, 2023 5:58 pm
by benryves
Ever since I first saw Telnet83+ I was intrigued with the idea of taking a calculator online, but never had the equipment (dial-up modem, phone line and "graylink" serial cable) to make it all work.

Fortunately you can now get inexpensive WiFi-enabled microcontroller modules and there are several projects that take these and turn them into "modems" for old computers, allowing you to connect them to the modern Internet.

I took one of these projects, RetroWiFiModem, and replaced the code that spoke to a RS-232 serial port with code that spoke to the calculator's native link protocol. The result is the TIWiFiModem.

To go along with the modem project I have also included an updated version of Telnet83+ which contains a few bug fixes and enhancements (and is also a few thousand bytes smaller).

Here's a video demonstration of taking the calculator online:

If you're interested in building one yourself, or downloading the updated Telnet83+, please see the project's Github page.