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Where did everyone go?

Posted: Mon 22 Aug, 2022 1:03 am
by Patori
Apologies for the necropost. I felt like reliving some of my favorite and cringiest moments of my life, so I stumbled back upon MaxCoderz.

I'm curious where everyone is at in life... What people are doing, working on, etc.

Re: Where did everyone go?

Posted: Mon 29 Aug, 2022 11:27 pm
by benryves
Hi Patori, good to see you're still around and I hope you're well!

I work as a web developer but still dabble with programming older Z80 systems and hacking around with electronics for fun when I have the opportunity. Sadly I haven't done much on the calculator front for a long time after my TI-83 Plus developed a fatal fault (a corrupt certificate, as far as I can tell). I have since purchased a replacement but not spent any time working on any projects for it. There are sadly only so many hours in the day...

What have you been keeping yourself busy with? :)

Re: Where did everyone go?

Posted: Fri 02 Sep, 2022 4:23 am
by Patori
I ultimately ended up getting into Software Engineering.

I do fullstack work for a FinTech company. Rails stack, sometimes Kotlin and python work.

Got married, have a 4 month old daughter, and am pretty happy and blessed.

Haven't gotten to do much with my Ti83+ for a while, but have been tempted to work on getting it to interact with a raspberry pi somehow.

Re: Where did everyone go?

Posted: Fri 02 Sep, 2022 6:37 pm
by DJ_O
Heya long time no see :)

I'm still around, although I'm mostly active on Cemetech Discord server nowadays, as well as CodeWalrus discord server (which is much less active though). A lot of the French people are still on TI-Planet and active on Cemetech too. I check here too every once in a while in case some "secret" projects appear. (we never know!)

I don't code as much nowadays but I made an RPG last year.

Due to sexual harassment in real life that happened sporadically but in bursts from 2007 to 2017 and to a lesser extent some bullying by the same people involved I have been out of work since late 2018 (although I have some minimal revenues from music making) due to the combination of the resulting PTSD and other related issues.

Re: Where did everyone go?

Posted: Fri 17 Nov, 2023 10:01 am
by tr1p1ea
Hey patori, long time no see.

I'll never go away by choice lol :excited: