[News] ticalc.org POTY 2012

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[News] ticalc.org POTY 2012

Post by tr1p1ea »

ticalc.org has launched the POTY voting for 2012.

First up is the TI-83+/84+ category and the nominees are:

Absolute Insanity (News article)
Absolute Madness (News article)
Alien Breed 5 (News article)
An Exercise in Futility (News article)
ASMDREAM (News article)
Bomberkids (News article)
Chess (News article)
Fruit Ninja (News article)
Gravity Walls (News article)
Jetpack 8x(+) (News article)
My First Quantum Translocator (News article)
solidFRAME (News article)
Space Station Pheta (News article)
Swords 2 (News article)
Zombie Gun (News article)

Very good to see so many worthy entries this year. (MC even has one which is always good :)).

So head over to ticalc.org and start voting!
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Re: [News] ticalc.org POTY 2012

Post by merthsoft »

There's such a huge selection it's hard to pick! I wish we could vote for multiple. I ultimately settled on Alien Breed 5. Though others were more technically interesting, the wave of nostalgia I got from playing ABV really pushed it over for me.
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Re: [News] ticalc.org POTY 2012

Post by Madskillz »

Yeah it was a tough one this year. I had to go with Fruit Ninja. But ABV would have been my second choice. It was good to see James come back and bring such a strong showing. This upcoming year looks to be good as well.
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