[TI ASM 82->83+] "Temporary" memory on the 82?

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[TI ASM 82->83+] "Temporary" memory on the 82?

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Hey, it's me again :D I'm trying to port a game from the 82 to the 83/+ but am having a little trouble with some of the ROM_CALLs. I've found names/descriptions to most of them thanks to the sng include file, but i really don't understand what the difference is between the _MEM routines and the _TMP routines:

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DEL_MEM      = $258D ;Deletes a region of allocated memory: HL = address DE = size
DEL_TMP      = $3606 ;Delete temporary use memory region
INSERT_MEM   = $2258 ;Allocates a region of memory: HL = size DE = address
CREATE_TMP   = $38D0 ;Create temporary use memory region
The program is trying to allocate memory for something but it always crashes here (in my 83+ version). It's using the CREATE_TMP/DEL_TMP routines, but i'm not exactly sure what those do. I just replaced them with _InsertMem. There's a little bit of info here:
http://tifreakware.net/tutorials/multi/ ... tml#part05
I haven't followed the code too closely yet, but it almost seems like it's trying to recopy itself into another program, or something. And since the file is so large (over 20k), when i run ChkFindSym it returns an address in $FEXX somewhere. I've looked around with the emulator, but i can't see anything that looks like the program's code. The VAT address in de appears to be fine, though. Could it be something to do with zStart (which is what i'm running the program with) moving memory around to run the program? Because the program is looking for itself in RAM and trying to add space for saved games... I'm really quite confused how all of this works!
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