Dwarfen runes???

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Dwarfen runes???

Post by zhangvict »

Hey guys im on ch5 and I really need the dwarfen runes. I heard that you get the celestial orb on ch6 so I figurted it must be in ch 4 or 5. the problem is I've searched everywhere for it on ch4 and ch5 but I cant find anything. I noticed a locked chest on in ch5 and a statue thing blocking the gate north of the guy who gives you lockpicks. HELP?????. BTW is the TVF game upadted for bugfixex on ticalc.org? I got some old bugs on mine and could anyone tell me where to get the latest bug-updated version?
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Re: Dwarfen runes???

Post by vincenacen »

I am also having this issue. Even though having the dwarven runes would not be that useful in the long run, I still want to know how to obtain them just for the sake of completion.

The main theory that I have is that it's just a bug. When you get the keys from Snatch and return them to the guy who makes steel bars, it seems as if he is about to give you something, but never gives it to you. Then, when you talk to him again, he says something completely different while most NPCs would just repeat their last line.

Other theories include:

1: They could be located in the locked chest south of the town. I have yet to open this chest, but on my next play through, I will try and open the chest while still in possession of the stolen keys.

2: They could be north of that statue-barricade, which I have no idea how to get past.

So, a little help would be appreciated from anyone who has discovered them :)

EDIT: If there is anyone who is out there who has... MaxCoderz has turned into such a lonely place...
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Re: Dwarfen runes???

Post by kv83 »

Basically you can get the latest version of it on ticalc.org.

Kozak, the developer of this game, has been inactive for a long time though. So if there any bugs, the chance is high that you just will have to deal with them. As far as I know the game is finishable though.

You can always try to email him though: maerten [at] gmail [dot] com
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