[Staff] Vinegar: CHIP-8/SCHIP interpreter ('emulator')

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Post by kalan_vod »

It's super fast for me, the gif is. I will give it a try again later today. Yeah the readmes look really good and are imformative.
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Post by benryves »

I hadn't realised that whereas some games require wrapping, some don't work correctly with it, so here's an update: http://benryves.com/bin/vinegar/vinegar_chip8_schip.zip
This also adds a quick save/load feature, pausing, contrast adjustment, better-looking GUI, more options.

The website is still http://benryves.com/bin/vinegar/ and has information about every bundled game.
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Post by necro »

very cool stuff ben
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Post by Madskillz »

Ben, this is pretty damn addicting. I hadn't noticed this before, but I like some of the games, even though they are so small and of a rather simple quality. It brings me back to the old atari times, awesome work!
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Post by katmaster »

Yeah, I have to say this is pretty cool. It's nice to have some new games.
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Post by elfprince13 »

now, I just need to learn CHIP....TiCalc.org would have to add a CHIP category along with Basic, Asm and Flash....
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