[TI-BASIC] Basic Builder

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[TI-BASIC] Basic Builder

Post by crzyrbl »

When ever i try to use this, i always get ERR:ARGUMENT. The prgms used in it work before they are sent through basic builder. Do i hv to change any syntax in my prgms to make this work? i dont know because i cant find any tutorials on this thing.

Also, how to i convert the .hex file it makes to a .app or whatever the calc actually uses? I downloaded the flash debugger like the readme said, but it gave absolutely no instructions on how to sign it.

Any point in the right direction would be welcomed right now.

P.S. is there any prgm better than Basic Builder that does the same thing?


I just realized i was using ver 1.2 dl'ed from omnimaga's old dl page. im going to try 2.0 to see if it works.


well, i got it to work, but now i get ERR:MEMORY if i have even 1k of anything in RAM. Does this require 23k of RAM to run???
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