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silver calc
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source code

Post by silver calc »

I suppose this may not happen, but any chance of giving out the source code so some one can work on Latenite/Brass/EarlyMorning? I think it's a fabulous thing as it is now (I'm talking about v, but there are still a few things missing, mostly with the debugger, but also with various custom options. Maybe Latenite/Brass/EarlyMorning can survive through someone else (or as an open source project)...
Please "encourage" me to work more on Image any way you deem necessary
King Harold
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Post by King Harold »

just use .NET Reflector :twisted:

you'll have a hard time getting it to compile though - be warned.

Did you know Ben actually has a class in Latenite called Benryves? :shock:

edit: Ben also got his icons there :D
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Post by benryves »

King Harold wrote:Did you know Ben actually has a class in Latenite called Benryves? :shock:
There's a namespace for the text editor. :(

The code is sufficiently embarrassing that I should never wish it to reach the light of day. Sorry. It's not documented, and if you look at the clean structured class layout via reflection you'd notice that it doesn't actually exist. ;)

I wouldn't mind so much the source for the PTI front-end or Brass, though. I don't have the time to spend tidying them up, though...
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Post by kv83 »

I won't release the sourcecode of EM either. A complete mess... I was planning to pick it up again though (read: rewrite from scratch)
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