Here you can find side projects of the staff and great projects which we think should get extra support. (Note that featured projects are not projects by staff members of MaxCoderz)

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:shock: Wow! A new forum! What is it about? :shock:
This Forum shows side-projects of the staff and projects we want to give a little more attention. Those projects are chosen by the Staff. Only moderators can create topics, but registered users can reply.

:? How do I know whether a project is by someone from the staff or not? :?
Projects from the Staff are marked with the [Staff] tag and projects which are featured are marked with [Featured]

:x Nice, but why isn't my project in here :x
Featured Projects are chosen by the staff. If your project is good enough, we will move it here eventually. Note that we don't move all cool projects here, they have to be in development for some time.

If your project is not in here, it doesn't mean it's bad, it's just not as ground-breaking as those who are in here. If you still think your project belongs here, please send us a PM with the reasons why.

If you have any more questions, feel free to PM us.

MaxCoderz Team.
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