Change tile?

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Change tile?

Post by sean77771 »

I'm trying to make a Sim City type game with xLib. How would I have the user select a tile on the map with a cursor and then when hey press enter they have a list of choices (buildings that they can build) and then change the tile to a different one depending on what they chose (build the selected building)
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Post by dysfunction »

Simply display the pic with your tiles in it, then have a cursor for the player to select the tile. Store the X and Y position of that sprite to variables, then when you go back to the map, draw the sprite in the position indicated by those variables.

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Post by Dragonwarrior333 »

I think this is what he means:


Just have a "ptchange(" loop that inverts it or use the omnicalc sprite command to invert the selected sprite (which is MUCH faster :D )
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Post by kalan_vod »

Why do you need to invert? It is fine the way it appears! And how dare you mention omnicalc! :D And btw xLIB can invert using Real(12
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