The 64th Line Picture Bug

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Of course i use _convop1 ... but i just take a.

Im not changing it to support long tile id's. That would leave every current game incompatible.
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Post by DarkerLine »

Why would it make current programs incompatible? They all use tiles 0..95, which would be the same both ways.

If you were thinking about it, don't try to restrict the use of the last row of
tiles. Sure, it won't work with normal pictures, but you can create a picture in assembly that would be 779 bytes and have all 64 rows (it won't be recalled correctly with RclPic, but that's not a problem).
Actually, the process of creating it is more complex - you have to create an appvar or string (or something) then turn it into a pic var because pics are 756 (767 with the header) bytes by default. But that's the basic idea.
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I think it's fine how it is now, we just can't use that last row... It's only a minor inconvenience (ugh, is that spelled correctly), I wouldn't worry about recoding anything...
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Yeah, honestly I wouldn't worry about it, we have plenty of sprite spacxe. Just keep all non-map sprites on other pics, and of course you can always load new tilemaps at cxertain points in your game if necessary, right?

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