Only 23 of 24 items!

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Only 23 of 24 items!

Post by fighter »

I have 23 of 24 items and I don't find the last one! I have:

-data cart reader
-16 data carts
-power drill
-life support disk
-air lock tool
-power cell
-pile of parts
-duck idol
-rubik's cube

where can I find the last one?
and for what is pile of parts, duck idol and rubik's cube? I don't know where to use these items!

Please help me!
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Re: Only 23 of 24 items!

Post by tr1p1ea »

There are some items that cannot be used anywhere, they are just in there for kicks :).

As yet no-one has ever found the 23rd item, im not prepared to give it away just yet :).
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