Desolate 2?

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CompWiz wrote:
threefingeredguy wrote:Um, did you try running prgmION first?

If you get Pindur, use mirage os, since that's what most people use anyway.
While Mirage may be more popular, that does not indicate in any way that it's better. Try CrunchyOS or NimbusOS. 8)
I never said Mirage was better...

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calcul831415 wrote:PindurTI is the BEST!!!

I finally got an animated screen shot of the Turkey Game! (way long overdue.) It's now on my site.

edit: now if only I could figure out how to get animated screenies of my 89Ti programs. :( :( :( ... 29833.html
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So do you have plans to work on this after the release of xLIB? :D
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I think we all want a new desolate very much
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I look forward to the sequel. Desolate was a great game with good graphics. The only thing it lacked was a more exciting battle system.
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