Advancing the plot in Chapter 2

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Advancing the plot in Chapter 2

Post by KainBeoulve »

I'm in need of some help in Ch 2. I started the chapter and can't figure out the way to start/advance the plot. I've been to the blacksmith, the bookkeeper, the inn and the little pit in the upper right of the map, but they all say the same thing everytime. I've explored just about everywhere I can, and talked to every character, but I still can't find out where to go next. I've played this chapter for over an hour now trying to find what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just for reference the blacksmith keeps telling me "Leave me in my grief"
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Post by Spengo »

First find the blacksmith guy(walk around till you find a way through some trees, should be around the upper left corner of the map), then go and fight the evil guy and save his daughter, then bring a bunch of people stuff(you need to bring THIS guy THIS item to get hiim to give you something to give to someone else who in turn, etc etc), then go through the portal.

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Re: Advancing the plot in Chapter 2

Post by maggielwo »

:mrgreen: Chapter 2 is THE WORST Chapter. It is boring
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