chapter 2

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chapter 2

Post by sPaZ »

I talked to the blacksmith dood guy and he says go find some book keeper where is that person. And for you people who cant find the blacksmith go north up those 2 stairs and then go left up the path. you have to kinda mess with the trees in this area to find where you can go through the trees cuz i did it like 5 times before i figured out you could go between the trees.
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Post by tokijnct »

The book keeper is in a cave like area. It's left of the Inn and right next to the item selling wizard (can't remember his name atm)
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Post by darksteel »

where is the daughter who i have to save to talk to the black smith
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Post by Spengo »

Oh comeon man, you can figure it out! :D It's not like the game is impossible or anything. (well obviously it isn't as many people including myself have successfully completed it) The main point of the game is figuring out stuff like this.
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Re: chapter 2

Post by maggielwo »

Um I talked to everyone except I don't know where to find the evil guy (Witch?) I've seriously tried. I've almost seen the entire map. I just want to know where it is.
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