Problems installing

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Problems installing

Post by Baethan »

I admit first and foremost that I have no clue what the heck I'm doing (learning by trial and error). I've had my heart set on TVF since forever, and I swear it'll by the first game on my calc if it kills me. :roll:
Anyways, to the point: I managed to install both MirageOS and Ion succesfully (one and then another, of course). With MirageOS, I installed the game itself and then the first chapter. When the first chapter was archived, I got the "pehaps the map is archived" error. When it was in RAM and I tried to run TVF, nothing would happen. With Ion and TVF installed, the damn calculator keeps clearing the RAM.
Any bit of help much appreciated!

(I have a TI-83+ with nothing on it, os 1.15)
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Post by kalan_vod »

maybee if you upgrade your os. and do you have the newest versions? mirage, or ion and TVF?

Post by Guest »

I do have the newest versions of Ion, Mirage, and TVF. What would upgrading my os entail and how would the upgraded version be different?
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Post by Spengo »

clear your RAM first.
if you didn't do that after you deleted ION it will still be installed and this can cause problems. Also delete mirage os before you do this
After that, resend mirage to your calc(it pwns ION anyway) and send TVF.8xp and the .8xp(NOT the .83p ones. those are only for the regular Ti-83, not the plus) chapter one to your calc. (you can put them in all at once but hen you have no more room for other games). archive TVF(the game) and leave chapter 1 in the RAM.(can't have 2 chapters in the RAM at once or there isn't enough to run the game). Play TVF. beat the first chapter, delete chapter 1 and send chapter 2(DONT DELETE THE GAME ust the chapter). And so on until you beat it.
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Post by Baethan »

Thanks! It's working great now. I guess the problem was that I was sending the game straight to the archive, instead of sending it to the RAM and archiving it from my calculator.
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