Chapter Problem,plz help

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Chapter Problem,plz help

Post by TrixKid »

I downloaded verdante forest, sent the game to my ti-84 plus, archived it, sent chpt. 1 to the ram, then opened mirage and pressed tvf. The screen then went black and it did the opening sequence. But after that, a message came up that said" you are in another chapter" this happens every time I try. I really want to play the game but I don't know what to do
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Post by Chu »

Maybe the data is skewed and the program thinks that you have already passed that particular chapter. You should either re-send the programs or reset your calculator's RAM. That might help.
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What to do

Post by conget »

The following instruction might helps your problem

- Make sure u reset ur calculator before u sent the files to ur calculator.
- Make sure u download a clean tvp main file. That means it is directly uploaded by maarten zwartbol and not from others (Cause they might have played it a chapter)

- Make sure your files aren't archive (The chapter and ur main file).

If that doesn't help, u might ask maarten.
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